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Veteran owned technology firm announces Private Azure stack expansion during AzureCon 2015.


Baltimore – 29 Sep 2015 – InfraDMS®, a leader in IT Infrastructure as a Service and Private Cloud Services headquartered in Baltimore, announced today during AzureCon 2015 that the company has further expanded their Microsoft® Azure Private Cloud Stack: Azure-IDMS.  With Microsoft Azure and InfraDMS Private Cloud infrastructure, organizations can obtain private and hybrid cloud ecosystems that are secure and highly available which also provide flexible and powerful compute and storage resources.

The Azure platform is the fastest growing cloud platform supporting compute requirements, web, mobile, big data and storage, media streaming and content delivery, developer services and much more delivered through a single portal experience.  “With Azure-IDMS, organizations can utilize the Azure Service Pack and all of its features and benefits, but do so on dedicated resources allocated only to the company” said Mike Hefner, President and CEO of InfraDMS.  “This enables companies large and small to establish a high performing IT environment on their own terms in a way that they control without losing any of the scalability or flexibility.”

As a Microsoft® Partner, InfraDMS is able to deploy the Azure environment on a dedicated IT stack quickly and efficiently.  InfraDMS® prepares each environment to customer specifications and hands over a fully functional cloud environment.  Furthermore, the Azure-IDMS private cloud fully integrates with the Microsoft® Azure Public ecosystem facilitating tailored hybrid environments that are delivered via a single pane of glass to users.  “We are excited to be on forefront of the private cloud movement.  There is a ton of technical innovation that originates from right here in Baltimore and we are glad to contribute and support those efforts” said Mike.  Additional details are available at

About InfraDMS®

Infrastructure and Data Management Services, LLC, InfraDMS®, provides IT Infrastructure as a Service and Private Cloud Solutions through an exceptional team of IT professionals using world class equipment and datacenters.  InfraDMS® recognizes the opportunities private cloud services generate for organizations of all industries and sizes.  We provide standard high quality platforms that can be provisioned as needed but we are constantly on stand-by to design, test and implement a fully custom private cloud solution.  Whether you need a single server or an elaborate virtual environment or something in between, we are there to help you make it happen.

Headquartered in Maryland, InfraDMS® has operations across the country and customers worldwide.  Founded by veterans, InfraDMS® is proud to hire military veterans especially our Wounded Warriors.  Learn more at