InfraDMS Object Storage

Access.  Efficiency. Longevity.

Object storage is the intelligent evolution of disk storage — creating, storing and distributing variable-sized data objects, and their associated metadata, rather than simply placing blocks of data on tracks and sectors. Each object has its rich metadata inextricably linked to it, enabling long-term preservation while ensuring data remains safe and accessible over time.

Simple architecture
A flat-address-space design removes file-system complexity and the need to manage logical unit numbers (LUNs) and RAID groups.

Automated management, serial ATA- (SATA) and near-line SAS based storage and a modular scaling approach result in low total cost of ownership.

By incorporating metadata into objects, object-based storage enables you to apply preservation, retention and deletion policies — thereby reducing lower management resources — and to facilitate enhanced discovery.

Enhanced scalability
An extremely large number of available addresses means a common storage pool can support literally billions of objects.

Powerful data management

Information is only valuable when it can be accessed, but keeping it readily available can be cumbersome and expensive. With our Object Storage Platform, you can streamline data management while easily expanding capacity.

Object-based and metadata-aware disk storage lets you identify and retrieve information quickly; better leverage your data for decision-making; automatically manage that data from creation through deletion; and minimize your dependence on complex and sometimes unreliable tape storage.

Policy-based management provides automated, object-level retention and deletion based on metadata, eliminating the human errors, access and preservation problems that increase risk and drive up costs.

Self-healing functionality continuously self-manages the integrity of stored objects to detect and repair errors and automatically reconfigures and regenerates objects without the need for IT intervention.

Easy interface employs simple HTTP and offers a native API SDK integration toolkit.

We, along with our partners, are continually developing integrations in areas such as medical archiving, file, email and SharePoint archiving, as well as eDiscovery, enterprise content management and cloud storage spaces.

Scale to Billions of Objects

You can be confident that InfraDMS Object Storage will scale to keep pace with your growth. Ideal for large-scale digital content and long-term data storage, object storage empowers your organization to add capacity without the setup and management complexity and the costs of performance storage.

Massively expand your system, scaling in amounts as small as 3TB up to multiple petabytes and billions of objects, without the complexity or limitations of a traditional file system.

Flexible, peer-scaling architecture allows you to scale at your own pace, ensuring a perfect balance between capacity and throughput.

Our Cloud Based Object Storage allows users to build a digital content cloud that can be leveraged across an organization for governance, discovery and business intelligence.

Cost Effective Solution

The eye-opening value of InfraDMS Object Storage can help cut storage costs versus traditional performance storage methods, allowing you to affordably store and access your digital content without locking yourself into a costly, inflexible strategy.

  • Standards-based x86 hardware: Our Object Based Storage is proudly build on Dell rack-based server platforms that are optimized for storage.
  • End-to-end solution: Fully integrated hardware and software solution with available design, implementation and support services.
  • Transparent upgrades: As storage needs evolve, you can easily add, replace or retire nodes without any manual migration requirements.