Disaster Recovery as a Service

Exceed Availability Objectives.  Maintain Business Continuity.


The InfraDMS DRaaS Suite takes our Private Cloud Service and marries it with our Backup as a Service to support achievement of critical continuity objectives.  We custom build a backup infrastructure using Veeam Availability Suite and then complete backup copy jobs to the standby Private Cloud.  Then in the event of an outage, you simply turn on the virtual machine at IDMS and you are back in business.  Literally.
By leveraging the same processing nodes across DR clients, InfraDMS can have the same compute capacity (cores, threads & RAM) that you use for your production environment sitting idle at a fraction of the cost.  Our engineers are ready to work closely with you to enable achievement of key uptime objectives.

COMPONENT 1 – Private Cloud Service & DR Private Network

InfraDMS utilizes our Private Cloud Service base configurations and allocates ample compute resources to run your critical infrastructure from our facilities in a matter of minutes.  We ensure that the computing horsepower is available when you need it.  Then after a thorough review, InfraDMS builds the network tunnel making our data centers an integrated extension of your operations.  The DR Private Network is critical to the success of the overall plan.  From Cisco to Juniper to Mikrotik, our network team makes it happen on your terms.

  • Fully engineered backup solutions
  • Backup & Replication Manager on-site or off-site as required
  • Blazing fast backups with WAN acceleration

COMPONENT 2. Backup Operations

Snapshots. Timely.

Enterprises like yours are modernizing their data centers in order to provision IT services faster, strengthen security and control, and lower operational costs. While building modern data centers, organizations invest in server virtualization, modern storage applications and cloud-based services. However, companies face new demands from end users including access to data and applications 24/7, no patience for downtime or data loss, and exponential data growth at 30-50% per year. This opens a gap—an availability gap—between the requirements of the modern enterprise and IT’s ability to effectively deliver availability. InfraDMS DRaaS uses the Veeam Availability Suite to bridge this gap and consequently deliver RTPO of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data.

COMPONENT 3. Execution

Deliver on the Promise.

Disaster Recovery & Continuity Planning is nothing without execution. InfraDMS enables VM Recovery a failed VM in less than 2 minutes! With InfraDMS and Veeam Instant VM Recovery™ you can run any virtualized application on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V directly from the latest backup. Instead of making users wait while you provision storage, extract the backup and copy it to production, you can simply start a VM with Veeam’s patented vPower® technology. After that, you can use VMware Storage vMotion, Hyper-V Live Migration or Veeam’s proprietary Quick Migration to move the VM to the InfraDMS Private Cloud configuration waiting for duty.

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