At InfraDMS, we offer complete IT Infrastructure as a Service through our world-class data centers.  Our facilities support more than 20,000 rack units of critical IT hardware exclusively for our clients.  We began as a data center company and it remains at our core.


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• Monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
• Axis IP-Based interior and exterior surveillance cameras.
• Silent alarm & fire detection with automatic notification.


• InfraDMS provides tailored & redundant IP bandwidth.
• Cross-connect to the carrier of your choice.
• Leverage our multi-homed BGP redundant network.
• Numerous bandwidth commit options to support your requirements


Power Systems

• N+1 redundant electrical design and distribution.
• Automatic switching from primary to back up power supply.
• Single and three-phase power.
• Isolated electrical and UPS rooms.
• 2 Kohler 750kw generators.
• 120V and 208V service.


Cooling and Other Features.

• Multiple 20 Ton Liebert HVAC units.
• Humidity control system in HVAC units.
• Water detection system below flooring.
• WSA / Vesda early smoke detection system.

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