Cloud Connect SynchroTM

Ultra-Secure Time Synchronized Cloud Storage

Define Access Windows Based on Job Schedules

All Traffic Prohibited Outside of Synch Windows

Off-Schedule Access Requires Two-Factor Authentication

InfraDMS Cloud Connect – SynchroTM
Ultra Secure & Synchronized Integrated Backup Cloud Repository

InfraDMS Cloud Connect SynchroTM is a cloud repository that is online when you need it and offline when you don’t. If you need access outside the synch schedule, InfraDMS two-factor authentication enables access. It’s simple: Keep your data offline when not needed.
Using Veeam Backup & Replication Manager and InfraDMS Private Cloud Services enables you to build and maintain the highest availability standards.  Additionally, retention policies and archives are fully integrated.  Order online and you can send your backups off-site in minutes!

Customize your repositories to meet your unique needs.


Select your required storage space.
From 500GB to 50TB+


Identify the quantity of VMs that will utilize the InfraDMS Cloud Connect Repository


Synch Schedule: Specify the timing of your transfers offsite. Open off cycle via two-factor authentication

WAN-Accerelation: For large enterprise applications or if you have limited available bandwidth, WAN acceleration increases transfer rates more than 20X. Requires Veeam Enterprise Plus.