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InfraDMS is a leader in IT Infrastructure as a Service. Providing private cloud solutions including server colocation, bare metal servers, managed managed virtual servers, storage and back up solutions and endless engineered solutions. As a Veteran Owned Business, we maintain focus on security and service at all times. Learn more at www.infradms.com

InfraDMS Now Offering Managed Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Services Nationally

BALTIMORE, MD (August 16, 2016) – InfraDMS announced today the North American expansion of Managed Office 365 services.  The expansion is in response to client demand asking for InfraDMS to further help companies cloud enable their business.

In addition to building custom private cloud environments, InfraDMS  provides managed services on Microsoft’s Azure public cloud, including design, implementation, migration, and optimization. InfraDMS offers […]

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Hurricane Joaquin is coming – Are You Ready?

The storm is approaching.  As of Wednesday morning, the storm has the potential to be extremely disruptive to the Mid-Atlantic region.  Weather.com is reporting, “Regardless of the ultimate outcome of Joaquin’s path, portions of the East Coast will still see multiple impacts from the evolving large-scale weather pattern, including flooding rainfall, gusty winds, high surf, […]

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Press Release – InfraDMS Announces Azure Private Cloud Expansion


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Veteran owned technology firm announces Private Azure stack expansion during AzureCon 2015.


Baltimore – 29 Sep 2015 – InfraDMS®, a leader in IT Infrastructure as a Service and Private Cloud Services headquartered in Baltimore, announced today during AzureCon 2015 that the company has further expanded their Microsoft® Azure Private Cloud Stack: Azure-IDMS.  With […]

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Need a SOC-II Compliant Data Center – Contact InfraDMS

Complying with information protection regulations is more difficult than ever in any locale or region.  Across municipalities and governmental bodies of all levels, the regulations exist to provide minimum standards for the required care of sensitive information.  There is not any area where exceeding these standards is more important than in the data center.  The […]

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Press Release – InfraDMS Announces Cloud Connect Synchro Service Launch


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Veteran owned technology firm in Baltimore unveils innovative private cloud data repository.


Baltimore – 5 March, 2015 – InfraDMS®, innovative provider of IT Infrastructure as a Service and Private Cloud Services headquartered in Baltimore, announced today that the company launched a new service nationwide that will greatly improve the security of backup and […]

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Microsoft RDS

VMware® recently published a datasheet about why you should choose VMware View™ over Remote Desktop Services (RDS).  At InfraDMS, we have many clients that utilize VMware view™ but we believe that RDS can also be a very effective solution for Virtual Desktop delivery.

Microsoft’s approach to VDI is fundamentally different from VMware’s in that it offers multiple options. Unlike VMware, […]

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Ransomware Defense

Figure 1. Screen Shot – Ransomware Attack

What does it look like and how does it work?
There are different types of ransomware. However, all of them will prevent you from using your PC normally, and they will all ask you to do something before you can use your PC.  They can:

Prevent you from accessing Windows.
Encrypt files […]

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InfraFile Provides File Share with Compliance in Mind

Consider the scenario where patient information must be shared among a radiologist, an oncologist and a neurosurgeon who are consulting on a time-critical case. In another scenario, a drug research project may require scientists to share sensitive data such as protocols, test results and confidential clinical information. Although these scenarios are quite different, they highlight […]

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Counter Point – 10 Items You Probably Should Not Virtualize

We came across an informative article from Scott Matheson on “10 Items You Probably Should Not Virtualize.” The article brings up a lot of good points and things to consider. Over at InfraDMS, we concurred with many of the points but had some alternative viewpoints on a few and thought we would highlight them here. […]

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InfraDMS Backup as a Service Powered By Veeam V8

At InfraDMS, we know backup and replication.  The “DM” in InfraDMS stands for Data Management and we pride ourselves on our robust end to end data management offering.  From high performance flash based storage to off-site tape storage, InfraDMS knows how to manage and archive your critical data.  One of our key platforms is Veeam® Backup […]

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