Electronic Data Management isn’t a scary endeavor!

      Helping your customers manage their electronic information need not be as scary as the ghosts and goblins lining your neighborhood streets these days. As an information management professional, you are in a strong position to advise your clients on how to best manage all of their information in accordance with the plethora of regulatory requirements. You also understand the importance of information security and you have a great group of team members and associates. This puts you in a far superior position than an IT Services Company when it comes to managing your customers’ information. If your services stop with physical documents, you are doing your clients a disservice and also missing out on high growth revenue opportunities for your business. Here are just a few of the key growth opportunities:
    • Electronic Backup Services: Providing off-site electronic back up services for your clients’ servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and phones
    • File backup and sync services (similar to the widely known DropboxTM & Google DriveTM): Enable your customers to access all of their files regardless of which device they use. Service allows your customers to work on a file on their laptop and review it when out with a customer on their tablet or smartphone.
    • Scalable Data Storage: Provide a data repository that your customers can use for their key business requirements that scales up or down as their needs evolve.

Fulfilling the Service – Do you need to hire a group of IT Wizards???
NO, and here’s why. The IT Wizards have developed a series of tools and software that enable you to simply provide the service. All of the technical aspects of making “block level encrypted server backup” are managed by the software. Your team simply needs to know a few basic pieces of information from the customer, plug those into the tool, and then watch it happen! If you manage client records down to the file level using a system like O’Neil or DHS Total Recall, then you have experience in managing tasks more complicated than backing up a server.

Moving your business forward with your clients, who manage their vital records electronically, should not be like walking through the cemetery after dark. At InfraDMS, we understand IT infrastructure as a Service and we understand your business and your customers. We can assist you in rolling out new services to your customers immediately. If creating new recurring revenue streams built largely from your existing customer base is of interest, reach out to us at InfraDMS. We look forward to making it a ghost free endeavor!!