Why do RIM Companies need to add Infrastructure as as Service (IaaS)?

  1. Their customers’ digital format information (files & data) is growing exponentially.
  2. Your customers are looking for a full solution provider who can help them with all of their data – paper & digital
  3. Solid financial characteristics with recurring monthly revenues and solid margins.

Why should you partner with InfraDMS?

  1. InfraDMS can provide a complete IaaS start-up program including sales team training and online store.
  2. Seize the market opportunity without the multi-million dollar capital expenditures required to build out your own data center.
  3. We understand your core business and how IaaS can compliment and accelerate overall growth.

What does InfraDMS do for you?

  1. IDMS provides all of the required infrastructure (data center, servers, network storage devices, etc.) for you to sell IT Infrastructure as a Service.
  2. Provides training and education on how to sell cloud based IaaS.
  3. Can provide a fully compliant e-commerce website to enable your customers to sign up efficiently and to streamline monthly billing.

No need to buy two of these!


Or to engineer this…(uniterruptable power  system)


Or to pay for and build out this UPS Battery Room